Friday, April 17, 2009

Jackie emailed about the Ririe Jr. Miss Pageant here is what she had to say:

It was very rewarding to be able to accomplish another one of my goals as Mrs. Idaho America by going back to my home-town Ririe Idaho. I had so much fun rubbing shoulders with so many people I knew and to help with their Jr. Miss Pageant this year. It had been exactly 20 years ago when I did the Ririe Jr. Miss Pageant and to experience my first time in a pageant. I was very impressed with the wide range of talents for example, River Dancing, Karate to music, Banjo, Guitar and singing, Ballet with a little twist, modern dancing and Bee-bopping. I want to thank the Ririe Committee and beautiful young women for letting me a part of their special weekend… I will never forget it.
Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho State Director

Ririe Jr. Miss Pageant

Junior Miss contestants with Jackie Walker Mrs. Idaho America and Ellon Chase Mrs. Rexburg 2009

Our beautiful Mrs. Rexburg Ellon Chase and Our stunning Mrs. Idaho America Jackie walker
Ririe Jr. Miss Pageant Committee and friends Jackie attended School with.

Jackie attended the 2009 Ririe Jr. Miss Pageant, here is what she had to say:

These pictures are from my home-town Ririe, Idaho, I talked to 14 Jr. Miss Contestants. I talked to the ladies about how we are all connected in some way by using an analogy with string. Each girl had to pick another girl by throwing the string to her and telling her how she has changed her life.
Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho State Director

Mrs. Idaho America Family Pizza Night 2009

Susan G. Komen Fashion Show

Our beautiful Mrs. Idaho America 2008 and several of the 2009 delegates modeled for the Susan G. Komen Fashion Show. The day was beautiful and the ladies were stunning.

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Jackie attending Idaho International Pageant

Mrs. Idaho 2003 - Mandi, Mrs. Idaho 2008 - Jackie, Mrs. Idaho 2007 - Lauralyn, Mrs. Bannock county 2009 - Brandi

Current and Former Local and State Mrs. Idaho America Title Holders

Mrs. Sun Valley 2009 - Jamie, Mrs. Idaho 2008 - Jackie

Mrs. Western Idaho 2009 - Tina, Jackie, and Mrs. Meridian 2009 - Erika
Mr. & Mrs. Idaho 2008 Justin and Jackie Walker
We all had a great time attending the 2009 Idaho International Pageant.
Posted by Mandi Feely Idaho State Director